Selling Property

Selling a property is usually one of the largest transactions most of us will undertake and for the inexperienced there are plenty of traps to fall into if you are not careful. Even for the experienced sellers there are things to watch out for given legislation changes so often in our industry.

At Keyes & Co. Property we take it upon ourselves to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for our clients and have outlined some important things to consider when selling your home.


Before you list your home for sale start researching the marketing in your local area to get a feel for what people are asking for homes that compare similarly to yours. That way when you interview potential agents you can speak with some confidence about the current state of house prices in your area.

Make a short list of key qualities you see as important qualities that your agent should possess if they are to represent you. Be careful not to make it all about the price the agent thinks they can achieve for you there needs to be some balance there such as- does this person/company have good reputation? What prior experience selling your type of property do they have? Have they come recommended to you? Do you feel comfortable with their style of communicating with you and could you speak directly with them about any issue concerning your property?


Once you have selected the right agent you need to ensure the right approach is taken to get you the best price. Have you considered all the selling options available and does the amount of marketing you have agreed to adequately match your style of property and also ensure you are reaching the widest possible audience?

Don’t be afraid to be involved with the marketing ideas around your property, after all nobody knows a home like its owners you could be sitting on some key ideas that will help pitch your home to the right buyers.

Consider what you want your agent to say when asked “so why are they selling?”


Ensure all of your documentation reflects exactly what you have agreed upon with your agent and any special arrangements are all in writing and clear to see. Also when it comes to preparing a sale contract ensure items like pool safety certificate, safety switches and smoke detectors are also filled in correctly along with any chattels you may be leaving behind. This avoids any confusion and heartache on settlement day on both sides.