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Property Newsletter 5

This edition we talk about Tess’s latest sale in Mount Louisa, we look at quick and easy ways to increase the value of your property and some tips on making moving easier. Enjoy!… Read more »

Property Newsletter 4

In this edition we talk about how this Douglas home was sold in 3 days. We also discuss what should your selling price be and how to get your property ready for an open home – enjoy!… Read more »

Property Newsletter 3

This edition we talk about one of Tanya’s luxury homes selling within a week. We also delve into how to spruce up your home for summer – enjoy!… Read more »

Why is Spring the best time of the year to sell?

As the flowers begin to bloom, the trees sprout new growth and the rest of the natural world leaps into live; something else is changing.

The For Sale signs are popping up all around … Read more »

Property Newsletter 1

Welcome to our very first Property Newsletter, this edition we talk about one of Matt’s success stories, Spring selling and How interest rates are benefiting Townsville Real Estate…Enjoy!

https://issuu.com/propertynews.info/docs/keyes_co_-_issue_1_-_a4_web_version?fr=sZTZlZjQwNjAyNzU… Read more »

Property Newsletter 2

This edition we talk about one of Tess’s success stories, Choosing the right Agent and Negative Gearing in this current Townsville Real Estate marke

Why Light is so Important When Selling

We hear it in agent’s marketing copy all the time with classic lines such as “light-filled spaces” and “an abundance of natural light” so just what is it about light that makes a home so much more appealing? … Read more »

Townsville’s desirable Northern Corridor with Tanya Newcombe

Townsville’s northward growth seems to never end. Many longstanding residents have countless stories of where the edge of town used to be, which multi-lane roads were once dirt tracks and which suburbs ‘used to be out in the bush.’  

In recent … Read more »

Townsville Back on the Rise

Article originally published in BDMag

From the high unemployment rates to the 2019 flooding event and the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s no secret that Townsville’s housing market … Read more »

How to Win in a Competitive Market

Buying a property is a major accomplishment at the best of times, let alone in the fiercely competitive market that Townsville is experiencing right now. If you’re struggling to secure a property, or just starting out on your home buying journey, we’ve got a list of useful tips … Read more »