We hear it in agent’s marketing copy all the time with classic lines such as “light-filled spaces” and “an abundance of natural light” so just what is it about light that makes a home so much more appealing? 

In my almost 30 years of opening houses and switching on lights, bedside lamps, drawing back curtains and opening verandah shutters and blinds (or closing depending the day itself) before letting the buyers in, it comes down to one word.  Mood.

Mood is feeling and feeling is energy, so it is really important when selling your home to create the right energy before the potential buyer sets foot inside with the obvious goal being to transfer that positive energy across to the buyer as they walk around your home.

Nothing beats natural light which is why a simple act such as opening a curtain can instantly change the feeling of a room from dark and uninviting to light, airy and friendly.  For some homes it is a simple as this but for others it can be a little tricky due to a lack of external windows or only having small ones or a huge roof span or outdoor patios that stop or limit the amount of natural light from getting inside.  

If you are faced with this kind of problem all is not lost.  Careful use of lamps can be a cost-effective way to increase lighting in otherwise drab spaces or you may get a quote from an electrician to upgrade your existing lighting to bright and energy efficient LEDs to key zones in the house.  A modest investment in this area could pay huge dividends when it comes to creating that perfect mood.

Once you are on the market you cannot get that time back again to create that all-important first impression so at the very least if lighting is your problem getting some quotes and discussing the options should be a part of your sales strategy.  You may find that living in the home you are blind to it so it may not seem all that important to you as you have lived with it for however many years you have been in the home.  But you are not the one we are trying to impress, it is the potential new owners that need to get that magic feeling and as agents we can spot a poorly lit bedroom or living area from a mile away so when considering the sale of your home put lighting up on your list of priorities to think about so you leave nothing to chance.

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