We sat down with our female co-founder Kirsty Keyes to talk about equality in the workplace and her journey into leadership.

If you have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


Can you think of a time when you did something before you were ready?

I applied for a PA role at an architect firm in my early 20s. I knew I didn’t have the experience for the role, but I was not leaving that interview until I got that job! I wanted it so badly. I knew I could do it and do it well. I just needed a chance. I was open and honest about not having the experience, but what I did have was the determination to learn and study whatever was required. Long story short, I got the job.

That’s incredible, were there many growing pains in the role?

Initially yes, but I worked my way up to managing the office. I learnt so much and my boss was such an amazing role model, he never treated me differently to my male colleges, which taught me to expect nothing less than equality in the workplace.

Can you think of an instance where you weren’t treated equally in the workplace? How did this shape you as a leader?

When I was 17, in my very first administrative role, I worked for a boss, who was unapproachable and didn’t nurture or value her staff, it taught me a great lesson in leadership, and I vowed never to be a leader like that!

You’ve built your business with your husband over the past 9 years. What’s that been like?

We worked together for 6 years working as contractors before we opened our own agency. Damien was my next role model, he had so much faith in my ability, more than I ever had in myself. I wasn’t ready, I didn’t think I had the ability, Damien was the one who knew I had what it takes. I have a lot more self-worth and confidence in my ability now and our business success is a testament to that. As a result, we now have an amazing, supportive team who have each other’s back.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Believe in yourself.

What empowers you as a woman?

I am empowered by other powerful, fearless women, having a voice and being heard, never backing down from a tough situation and never giving up.

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